Frequently Asked Questions

What is Craater?

Craater is a platform that connects game developers with social media influencers who market and sell their games to larger audiences. Developers list their games for sale on the Craater Store, enabling our partnered influencers to directly sell the game and earn money for each sale they drive on the store. We then provide comprehensive analytics so you can see which influencers are most effective at selling your games.

Who can use Craater?

Developers: Any developer with a game that is currently on Steam or will be on Steam soon.
Influencers: Any YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or other social media influencer with a significant following.

How does Craater work?

For Developers: Apply for an account and then add any game of yours which is currently listed on Steam. You can upload as few or as many keys as you'd like to make availble for influencers to sell through Craater. Influencers can immediately start selling your game directly to their audiences. For key requests, you can choose to manage them yourself or let Craater automatically distribute keys to our partnered influencers (typically with more than 100,000 subscribers) so they can redeem a single copy of your game for free to play on their channels.

For Influencers: Link your YouTube account and complete our application. Once approved, you will be able to access and sell any game on Craater. To sell a game, simply include your unique Craater Store link in a video description and direct your audience to use it however you choose.

For Customers: The Craater Store operates like any other online video game store, but with a radically simplified interface and checkout process. Checkout is just two steps: simply enter your payment info and then click a button to add your new game to your Steam account.

How is Craater different from other game marketing / key distribution services?

Other services exist to sell your game or distribute keys to influencers, but Craater integrates both into a single unified experience that takes the pain out of marketing your game.

All of our influencers are curated and hand-picked to ensure that they have large enough audiences to drive significant sales so that you know your keys are only going to quality content creators. You won't have to wade through thousands of key requests from people just looking for a free game.

Unlike other sales or key distribution services, Craater gives influencers a direct incentive to play your game and drive their audience to buy it. Influencers are paid for every sale they drive through Craater, so when they're successful, you're successful.

Do I have to work exclusively with Craater? Are there any contracts?

Craater has no exclusivity contracts of any kind. Users are free to use any other services alongside Craater and can leave Craater at any time.

How does Craater pay me?

Craater supports payouts via PayPal or direct to your bank through Stripe. Once you pass $50 in earnings, Craater will automatically send your total earnings to the service of your choice.

All payments and personal information is handled securely by your choice of PayPal or Stripe. Thousands of companies around the world trust Stripe and/or PayPal to process payments for their users, and we use them to make sure you get paid quickly and keep your personal details secure.

How much does Craater cost?

There are no upfront costs or membership fees to use Craater. Like Steam, we make money by taking a small percentage of all sales made through our platform, though our fees are lower than our competitors.

After credit card processing fees (typically 2.9% + $0.30) you as the game developer keep 80% of each sale. Craater keeps 10% and the influencer that drove each specific sale receives 10%. If no influencer drives the sale, we'll give that percent back to the developer.

Our sales fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and we pay more to influencers than any other referral sales program. If you have any questions about our fees, please contact

Why do I have wait for my account to be approved?

Craater thrives on a community of hand-curated influencers and developers. Our team manually reviews each application to ensure all users are a good fit for our platform. This also helps us prevent spam and account impersonation.

Who runs Craater?

Craater was founded by Justin and Mac, two gaming enthusiasts who were fed up with the YouTube adpocalpyse. We're supported by a team of indie game developers, influencers, and friends across the gaming industry.

Why does my game need to be on Steam in order to add it to Craater?

We use information obtained from Steam to verify that you are the developer of the game you're adding. We currently are only able to support games that are on Steam, though we do plan to support other platforms and direct downloads in the future.

Why do I need to link my YouTube for an influencer account?

We require you to link your YouTube account so that we can confirm your identity and the statistics of your channel. We only use this link one time to verify your account, and we never request access to any private account information.

I'm a game influencer on a platform other than YouTube, how can I get access?

If you're a creator on another platform and you'd like access to Craater, please email us at and we'll see what we can do!

I have a question not answered here.

We're always happy to answer questions, talk, or just say hi if you email us at